13 Weird and Spooky Philosophical Thought Experiments

Given that it’s Halloween, I thought for this month’s post I’d get a bit festive by talking about 13 spooky concepts in philosophy, and I could think of nothing spookier than thought experiments. As I explained in my philosophical zombies post, thought experiments are a means of obtaining insight on an idea by using the parameters of the experiment as a case which to compare our existing intuitions about the world. Thought experiments exist in many fields, including physics, economics, mathematics, and especially philosophy. For this post, we’re going to focus on thought experiments that are strictly from philosophy whose contents or conclusions have spooky implications or fit the season’s motif. Use the slider below to navigate between thought experiments

Which thought experiment did you think had the most chilling implications? Are there any favorites of yours that you think were missing and wish were on the list? Comment below or share your thoughts on Twitter @Philosimplicity